Friday, December 28, 2012

All Things Hanging

Magical mobiles, friendly balloons, hooks and tree stands, a fun and playful addition to any child's bedroom.

Moo Said The Cow online Children's store was founded on the preface that the reality is Mums and Dads want to spend more time with their babies and toddlers (well most of the time…) than shopping for essential items. Then came Moo Said The Cow... The place where parents can get cool designer product as well as innovative necessities, online and all in the one place for their children.

All things beautiful for the bedroom from online children's store Moo Said The Cow.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas... From The Bride's Diary

The Bride's Diary Team extends our very best wishes for the Festive Season, to all our members and clients. We truly hope you have a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year celebration.

We look forward to a wonderful 2013, and can't wait to bring you more exciting new additions to our publications and online features! Also, we will be launching a brand new website for The Bride's Diary – with a new design, fabulous content and so much more, all will be revealed shortly!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your ongoing support and interest in The Bride's Diary, The Groom’s Diary, Wedding Celebration, Weddingstar and Giftstar. And once again, have a wonderful festive season.

Warm regards, The Bride's Diary Team

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Penelope Disick Wears Mischka Aoki

In case you missed it – The KARDASHIAN Christmas Card is out!

And the adorable Penelope Disick wears Mischka Aoki – Kiss Kiss my little princess dress

Let your little girl be the star of the show with Mischka Aoki – luxury brand for children that delivers beautiful high-end creations in the high-end girls market.

Designed with the fashionista in mind, Mischka Aoki delivers luxury fashion for children ranging from 1-10 years old. Their emphasis is creating a range that is limited and exclusive – unlike anything you have seen before. 

The Mischka Aoki Australian label launched in 2009, and since has fast become known around the globe for stand out, show stopper pieces, unique designs and luxurious fabrics. 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Cassidy's Collection For Children

Cassidy’s Collection designs feminine clothing and accessories for girls 0-10 years. Each piece from the collection is exclusively handcrafted with the highest quality embellishments and trimmings from around the world.

The range of embellished headbands comes in vibrant colours and intricate detailing. With lace flowers, diamante hearts, tulle veils and pearl clusters, the gorgeous designs set any little girls imagination free. The elegant range is perfect for a summer wedding with a hint of vintag. Headbands are available from 
Cassidy’s Collection RRP $25.00

Cassidy’s Collection can be found in over 30 boutiques within Australia and Internationally. Every purchase from the collection is packaged beautifully with the signature heart and bow embellishments.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Summer Sookibaby

As the summer sun starts to shine, so does the new SOOKIbaby collections with a palette of fresh summer brights to shake off the dreary cold. 

This playful collection for baby girls and boys blends vibrant prints, fantasy characters and retro designs. The famous SOOKIbaby wit and charm is reflected in this super cute collection for the under 3’s.

SOOKIbaby is available in Myer stores nationally, as well as selected boutiques across all Australian states and New Zealand. For more information or your nearest retailer visit:

SOOKIbaby call 02 9505 8700.

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Elf On The Shelf... The Hugely Successful Christmas Tradition Comes To Australia!

Since its launch in 2005, The Elf on the Shelf® has sold over 2.5 million copies in the US, capturing the hearts of children who have embraced the magic of adopting their very own scout elf, sent by Santa Claus. This November makes the first time the gift set will be available in Australia.

How it works is at the start of each Christmas season, the elf appears to serve as Santa’s eyes and ears, and every night it travels back to the North Pole to report in. Touted as “the best thing since The Night before Christmas,” the gift set includes a North Pole pixie-elf, hardbound children’s book and keepsake box. Children can register their elf online to receive an official adoption certificate as well as a special letter from Santa.

Written by mother-daughter team Carol V. Aebersold and Chanda A. Bell, and based upon their own family tradition, this special hide-and-seek game creates fantastic, fun-filled family memories in the lead up to Christmas.

With celebrity fans including Jennifer Garner and Mark Wahlberg, The Elf on the Shelf is a charming new Christmas tradition that answers the one question that children always ask, “How does Santa really know if I’m being naughty or nice?”

Visit  The Elf on the Shelf.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Costume Collection

We have fallen in love with Tom Arma Signature Collection costumes from My Costume Collection. These adorable costumes are perfect for your little ones and come in a variety of styles. Here are our favourites…

Friday, June 8, 2012

Table of Plenty NoNo’s Bars… A Healthy Snack!

Table of Plenty are trusted creators of quality food products that combine taste and nutrition, including creative cereals, spices and healthy snacks. 

With allergies and food intolerance's on the rise, and school’s tightening their policies on what foods kids can bring to school, packing a child’s lunchbox can be a real hassle for parents. Fortunately, with the release of Table of Plenty NoNo’s bars, Australian mums need not worry! 
Table of Plenty’s new NoNo bars are the natural, healthy alternative to sugar-filled schoolyard snacks and avoid problematic ingredients such as dairy, wheat, nuts, soy and sulphites. A healthy alternative to sugar-filled schoolyard snack! They are available in delicious Cocoa Crush and Berry Blast flavours and one bar contains less than 100 calories (so mums can enjoy this guilt-free snack too!)

Table of Plenty’s NoNo’s bars are available exclusively in Woolworths. RRP $4.25 per box.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Winter With Queen Bee

As the weather is getting cooler it can be harder for mums-to-be to keep warm and feel stylish. Queen Bee has a fantastic range of maternity clothes to accommodate those growing bellies and keep you looking stylish and fashionable.Here are our favourite picks for winter…

Visit Queen Bee

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Afternoon Dress by HATCH

Whether you're going to a work meeting or lunch with your friends, the Afternoon Dress by HATCH is a sophisticated solution to day dressing. With an a-line cut, the shape glides right over that growing belly to flatter with style. In ultimate comfy ponte or lighter pebble poly with a sheen, it's an easy staple as you grow.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

We came across this great recipe for cookie monster cupcakes on Kidspot. These chocolate flavoured cupcakes will delight your Sesame Street loving pre-schooler's and are perfect to take to school for birthdays or even just to delight your little guests at the next birthday party. 
1 quantity chocolate cupcakes
200g butter, softened
2 ½ cups icing mixture
2 tsp vanilla extract
blue food colouring
1 tbsp milk
1 pkt white marshmallows
1 tube black writing icing
12 chocolate chip cookies (1/2 per Monster with a few for breakage) 
1. Using an electric mixer, whip the butter until it is pale. This will take at least 5 minutes on high. 
2. Gradually add in the icing mixture and vanilla until well combined. 
3. With the mixer running, add in food colouring until you get to the Cookie Monster colour. This may be a lot if you are using liquid food colouring or a little if using gel food colouring. 
4. Add in the milk and mix until the frosting puffs up. 
5. Fill a piping bag with a fluted nozzle and pipe on icing. 
6. With the writing icing, place black spots on the marshmallows for pupils. Place on each cupcake. 
7. Cut cookies in half and place in mouth.  

• You can use your favourite cupcake recipe for these. Just go with what your kids love best!
• There is quite a bit of food colouring in these cupcakes for the blue icing. If this concerns you, you can use a natural food colouring.
• If you don’t have time to use a piping bag for the icing you can swirl a very thick coating on the cupcake and use the flat blade of a knife to create the Cookie Monsters fur.
• It is really important that you whip the butter in this recipe until it is very pale and almost white, as the icing will take on a green hue from the yellow in the butter. If your icing takes on a green light, you can add some lilac to cancel out the colour.
• If you can’t get black writing icing, you can stick on brown mini M&M’s for the pupils.

Visit Kidspot

Monday, April 30, 2012

Purebaby Winter Warmers

The cold weather has hit and Winter is fast approaching! Purebaby now have a full range of coats for winter available in store and online. Keep your little ones warm and snug during these colder months in a beautifully designed Purebaby coat! 

Visit Purebaby

Friday, April 20, 2012


Kimochis, which means “feeling” in Japanese are plush, educational toys designed to help kids identify, understand and manage their feelings in a fun, comfortable way. 

For the different social and emotional challenges children face at school, home, among friends or on their own, these multi award-winning educational toys are designed to get children talking, promoting strong parent-child, teacher-child and child to child connections. 

Kimochis encourage kids to express themselves as they learn about appropriate feelings-driven behaviours and how to manage the feelings Kimochis teach, whether that be mad, sad, left out, brave, uncomfortable, jealous, frustrated, silly and beyond.

As a unique educational toy, building life skills in the play therapy, special edu, social emotional and 'toys for learning' arenas, the seven adored Kimochis characters, including Cloud, Bug, Huggtopus, Cat, Lovey Dove, Bella Rose and Clover, their tactile Kimochis ‘feelings’ pillows and exciting new picture book series help children identify, express and communicate their feelings, one feeling at a time. Loved in each unique Kimochis character is a personality of strengths and challenges for children to relate to, recognise and celebrate.

Visit Kimochis

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Jumper from HATCH

We love this one-piece Jumper that's equal parts playful and chic and is perfect to accommodate that growing baby bump. Available online at HATCH in sumptuous silk or soft washed chambray, it's shaped to flatter with a graceful scoop neckline and elastic at the ankles. Adjustable straps makes this the perfect one-stop romper.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Purebaby Pyjamas


Purebaby's full range of winter 2012 pyjamas are available in store and online. The range of beautifully designed pyjamas are what your little one needs to keep warm this winter!

Visit Purebaby to view the complete range.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bunny Ears

Want to bring some Easter bunny magic to your home? Hop to it and make your little one even more adorable with a pair of pink felt ears.

Tools and Materials
Child-size headband
8-by-16-inch piece of pink felt
6-by-6-inch piece of white felt scissors
pinking or scalloped shears (optional)
hot-glue gun
hot-glue sticks 

To Cover the Headband
1. Measure the width and length of the top of the headband, add 1/2 inch to all sides, and cut a strip of pink felt to cover.
2. Glue the felt strip onto the top of the headband, wrapping the extra material around the headband's edges.
3. Measure the underside of the headband, and cut a strip of pink felt to fit.
4. Glue the strip to the underside, creating a backing that covers the edges of the top felt.

To Make the Ears 
1. Print out the bunny-ears template, and cut out both shapes.
2. Trace the outer-ear shape onto pink felt twice, and cut along scalloped edge (or cut out with pinking or scalloped shears).
3. Trace the inner-ear shape onto white felt twice, and cut out with regular scissors.
4. Glue each pair of ears together with hot glue, and let dry.
5. Crease each ear vertically down the middle, and press. 
6. Fold up the bottom flaps on either side of the notch, and attach to headband with hot glue, pulling notches closed so ears are slightly bent. Hold until glue sets.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bunny Finger Puppets


We came across these adorable little bunny finger puppets on the purl bee. Get your little ones to help you create these for Easter!

Various colours of felt
Cream, pink, and brown embroidery thread
One skein of blue sky cotton in driftwood
The Bunny Finger Puppet Template (download here) printed and cut out.
A water soluble fabric marker 

How to
1. Using the template cut two bunnies from the white felt and two from one of the bright colors.
2. Sandwich all four pieces together with the two white pieces on the outside and the two bright pieces inside. Pin them together. Starting at a bottom corner sew through all four layers right along the edge with a small running stitch. Sew in this manner along the first side stopping at the base of the ear.

3. Divide the felt into two ears each consisting of two layers of felt (one white and one bright colour). Sew through only the first ear along it's edges. Leave the other ear unsewn for now.

4. Resume sewing through all four layers of felt once you get back to the head of the bunny as shown above. Then keep sewing in this manner until you get to the bottom edge of the body.

5. Open up the bottom of the shape so the bright felt is on the inside of the opening. Sew through only two layers (the white and the bright felt) of the bottom edge of the puppet. Then continue on sewing along the opposite side through just the other two layers. This will form the finger opening.

6. Once you're done sewing the body sew the second ear together along the perimeter with a small running stitch.

7. Draw a face on the bunny as shown on the template.

8. Using the pink embroidery thread and a satin stitch embroider the nose. Embroider the eye with a couple of back stitches.

9. To make the whiskers: Tie a little knot leaving an inch long tail in the cream embroidery thread. Pull the thread though one of the whisker markings.

10. On the opposite side wrap the thread once around the needle. Pull the needle through this wrap, forming a small French Knot, and then trim the embroidery thread. Repeat this for the two other whiskers and trim them so they are all about the same length.

11. Spray the puppet with water to get rid of the fabric marker markings.

12. Wrap the cotton yarn around two of your fingers several times. Pull this gathered yarn off of your fingers and wrap the yarn around the middle of this gathering tightly and tie a little knot. Cut the loops to form a pom pom. Trim the pom pom so it's fluffy and round.

13. Using the cream colored embroidery thread sew the pom pom tail onto the puppet.

Visit the purl bee

Monday, March 26, 2012

Joolz Day Pram

The Joolz Day Pram invites and includes your child in your everyday activities, no more frustration when you stop at a fence as your child will see everything you see, a pram that doubles as a highchair, so compact it can fit in almost any car, a great range of accessories and it looks the business.
8 fantastic features of the Joolz Day Pram: 
1. High seating position of the seat: ready to push straight up to the table. High seat and cot position relieves the back when lifting your child in or out. 
2. Footrest adjustable in length: consistent support as your child grows – and no more dangling legs.
3. Handlebar adjustable in height: to give both long and short legs the right amount of space when walking behind the push-chair. Especially good news for tall dads.
4. Comfortable and practical cot: also suitable for sleeping in at night, comes complete with a hypoallergenic mattress.
5. Ergonomic seat is reversible and adjustable in three positions. Your child can face you, or the big wide world.
6. Four wheel suspension: great comfort and drivability, both in and out of town. A smooth ride every time.
7. Bumper bar is easy to open with one hand from either side, making it simple to lift your child in and out of the push-chair.
8. Compact: when folded (including the seat) it will fit in almost any car, corner, cupboard or stairway.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Chocolate Crackle Egg Baskets

Looking for a fun Easter activity to do with your kids? Try making these simple chocolate crackle baskets. You can put mini Easter eggs inside and give them as an Easter treat! They are easy and of course delicious.
3 cups Rice Bubbles
200g Mars Bars
3 tablespoons thin cream
2 teaspoons cocoa powder
12-24 small easter eggs

1. Place 20 cup cake paper cases or 12 muffin paper cases into a tray. 
2. Chop up the Mars Bars and place in a large microwave-proof bowl with the cream and cocoa powder. 
3. Zap in the microwave for 1 minute on medium power, remove from microwave and stir well. 
4. Repeat until mars bars have melted and the mixture is a creamy smooth consistency—took me 3.5 minutes on medium power. 
5. Stir the rice puffs into the lovely gooey chocolate mixture until well combined.
6. Spoon into paper cases and then use a teaspoon to make a small hole in the centre of each basket. 
7. Place one or two easter eggs in each basket. 
8. Store covered in the fridge until needed.

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