Monday, April 30, 2012

Purebaby Winter Warmers

The cold weather has hit and Winter is fast approaching! Purebaby now have a full range of coats for winter available in store and online. Keep your little ones warm and snug during these colder months in a beautifully designed Purebaby coat! 

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Friday, April 20, 2012


Kimochis, which means “feeling” in Japanese are plush, educational toys designed to help kids identify, understand and manage their feelings in a fun, comfortable way. 

For the different social and emotional challenges children face at school, home, among friends or on their own, these multi award-winning educational toys are designed to get children talking, promoting strong parent-child, teacher-child and child to child connections. 

Kimochis encourage kids to express themselves as they learn about appropriate feelings-driven behaviours and how to manage the feelings Kimochis teach, whether that be mad, sad, left out, brave, uncomfortable, jealous, frustrated, silly and beyond.

As a unique educational toy, building life skills in the play therapy, special edu, social emotional and 'toys for learning' arenas, the seven adored Kimochis characters, including Cloud, Bug, Huggtopus, Cat, Lovey Dove, Bella Rose and Clover, their tactile Kimochis ‘feelings’ pillows and exciting new picture book series help children identify, express and communicate their feelings, one feeling at a time. Loved in each unique Kimochis character is a personality of strengths and challenges for children to relate to, recognise and celebrate.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Jumper from HATCH

We love this one-piece Jumper that's equal parts playful and chic and is perfect to accommodate that growing baby bump. Available online at HATCH in sumptuous silk or soft washed chambray, it's shaped to flatter with a graceful scoop neckline and elastic at the ankles. Adjustable straps makes this the perfect one-stop romper.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Purebaby Pyjamas


Purebaby's full range of winter 2012 pyjamas are available in store and online. The range of beautifully designed pyjamas are what your little one needs to keep warm this winter!

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